Happy Clients


Amanda Allen- Entrepreanur and health coach


I definitely recommend Svetlana's meditative hypnosis to anyone looking for truths and has a desire to change their mindset for success. I loved her voice and that pace at which she delivers the content. I enjoyed the group sessions and look forward to experiencing her one on ones. Namaste.

- Melia Noa, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreanur 


I loved everything about my sessions. Svetlana took her time talking with me, I felt comfortable and safe discussing my problems with her. The hypnotherapy session was so relaxing and empowering. I love listening to the tapes we have recorded from my sessions. We discussed the things that I was looking to improve and outcomes that I am working towards. The hypnotherapy session was amazing!! She was able to guide me into a trans state very easily. Her voice is perfect for guiding people into mediation. It was an all around lovely experience. You’re able to record your hypnosis sessions. I wake up and get my day started with the tapes and I go to sleep listening to the tapes so I can unconsciously manifest my dreams. I feel more empowered after my sessions with Svetlana and things have become so much more clear for me. Both the Hypnotherapy and coaching sessions have been so helpful. I absolutely adore Svetlana! I highly recommended hypnotherapy / coaching with Svetlana!! I’m very pleased with my results. 

- Lindsey Catherine, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Dimodaatelier