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Svetlana Shvartsburd



The Formal On Paper Resumé Stuff:

USF Business Graduate

Board certified Hypnotherapist

Board certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master coach and, CYT techniques

The Juicy Story:

Svetlana is an Entrepreneur, Master NLP coach,  Master coach, hypnotherapist and founder of BeBold Activewear. She loves to spend her time exploring, adventuring both spiritually and physically, and snuggling her fur babies. One of her  passions is acting and uncovering the creativity of storytelling.


"When  I was little, I remember playing on my patio pretending to live on another dimension with many siblings. Growing up as an only child with no one to share the  curiosities of life with left me with many unanswered questions. I’ve always pondered the meaning of life, even as a ten-year-old. The world felt so large and filled with opportunities back then- deep down I KNEW anything was at arm's length.

As I grew older, I became rebellious and continuously challenging the “status quo.” I asked too many questions and never followed directions. Although it felt right to do things differently, it was also difficult and at some point, my spirit was squandered and the purpose of life felt more like a continuous merry-go -round with no destination. It felt like what I would imagine navigating a ship during a storm would be like; with no opportunity to dock anywhere. It felt so hopeless. I was to do what I was supposed to be doing regardless of how I felt about it. My voice felt small and I felt very much like that ship…getting tossed from side to side by the storm with no clear destination in mind.

I can’t stress enough how vital it is that as adults we find our inner child to help guide and navigate us in this lifetime. It was the great Wayne Dyer who once said, “One of the most responsible things you can do as an adult is to become more of a child.”

I share the beginning of my story because eventually, I hit my burnout.

Today, I like to call it my first introduction to an awakening.

I  reached my breaking point at 24 -years-old. That’s when I first experienced a moment of clarity that led me to starting BeBold Activewear. The name BeBold Activewear came to me spontaneously. It was like a light bulb went off.

So there I was, with a fantastic idea and fueled with energy to start this company. I was filled with passion and the underlying message was driving me but I was also so overwhelmed with the fear and anxiety, I let everyone else’s voices and opinions handicap me. It stalled my dream and looking back, I know it set in motion a series of events that, while painful and challenging, also brought me to where I am today. It started off as a neck injury which turned into a medical mystery. I had a “ neck and throat problem” that no doctor could physically diagnose. I had sharp pain shooting down my arm any time I swallowed, and I remember feeling like I was choking from the moment I woke up. After countless tests, MRI’s, and second and third opinions, I was told to just relax and take a Xanax. At one of my many check ups, the doctor said she found a node in my neck and scheduled an emergency ultrasound. I remember calling my best friend hysterically crying, thinking I was going to die…that feeling didn’t dissipate even after the ultrasound revealed nothing and it stayed with me for nearly a year. It became a vicious cycle – I worried about my physical injuries which led to anxiety and stress, impacting my emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which would then cause me even more physical distress. For those who’ve dealt with chronic pain, you understand what I mean. Every part of me was exhausted.

….finally, I had had enough. I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands and find a way out of that hell. That’s when I started a path of holistic healing. I was already seeing a chiropractor, who recommended acupuncture. I remember after my first appointment, I felt better than I did in ages. Acupuncture immediately helped me start stabilizing my “chi” energy, which prompted a new state of relaxation. It felt better, but it wasn’t enough.  I was still relying on my old coping mechanisms, which were not working. I was still angry, upset, unmotivated. I couldn’t get myself to do the things I really wanted to. That’s when I decided to dedicate myself fully to the world of personal development. Starting with reading books, listening to guided meditations, audiobooks, podcasts, and then going to my first Tony Robbins event. After my first seminar, I made a commitment to focus on personal growth for the next twelve months, and boy did I grow. I stretched myself so much, but it felt good. I went to numerous events, hired my own coaches, cried, shed old layers and continued to integrate my new learnings into my daily rituals.

Through it all, the greatest lesson I came away with … drum roll, please… everything you need is already within you. The moment I realized this, and not just intellectually acknowledged it, but really, truly deeply internalized that I didn’t need to fix anything about myself, it was the ultimate liberation. What really needed to be done was a de-conditioning phase and a remodeling of my mindset. This is what I do with my clients. I help you come back to your center and truth. I hold the space and facilitate because I believe you have all of the resources you need within you. The mentorship platform is unique because there is coaching and the growth happens fast. So long as you surrender to the process, expect tremendous shifts. Most importantly, I’m there to be your mirror and support you and challenge you on this journey of transformation.

Have you ever set goals for yourself you didn't meet 100%? Have you ever put effort into a relationship that just seemed to fracture and break despite that? Have you ever worked really hard and not been recognized by your family and friends? Have you ever felt not good enough?What i'm trying to say is everyone, irrespective of where we are in life, can benefit from a bit of personal growth...and nobody should do it alone.That's what I'm here for.

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